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Copper is in our Genes

Over three thousand years ago, copper found extensive application in the development of surgical tools for Ayurveda. In fact, Hippocrates, who is now considered to be the father of Medicine, also followed this ancient Indian practice and set solid, for eternity, the trend of using copper in medicine. This early use of the metal proved its value and from there on, the industry has never taken a backseat.

Now, with a burgeoning economy, booming foreign investment and the emergence of small and big industries alike, India is advancing radically with a steadily expanding market for both ferrous and non-ferrous products. As a responsible copper company, our aim is to be the catalysts of positive change and continuous development.

Powered by a highly skilled workforce with exceptional experience in the copper sector, Global Copper Limited (GLC) operates from a state-of-the-art, fully-automatic manufacturing facility equipped with a production capacity of 4000 mt/annum.

Primarily, we manufacture high-quality, super-clean and Eddy-Current tested LWC (Jumbo Coils) Tubes and pipes and are amongst the leading company in India to do so. We have heavily invested in the Cast and Roll Technology (C&R), the most advanced copper manufacturing technology within the sector which was invented in 1992 for the production of high-quality seamless copper tubes. To cater to the amplifying demand for such products, we also manufacture PCC (Pancake Copper) and Straight Copper tubes.

All our products are made from Cu-DHP (Deoxidized High Residual Phosphorous Copper) and Cu-ETP (Electrolytic Tough pitch Copper), using high-grade copper cathode (99.99% purity) which ensures consistent and unmatched quality in all our products.

Global Copper Limited (GCL) operates from a state-of-the-art, fully-automatic manufacturing facility equipped with a production capacity of 4000 mt/annum.

Superior Technology. Smarter Development.

Considering how constant innovation and technological developments have always acted as the primary fuel for human advancement, Leveraging these developments can only lead to a more sustainable value creation for all stakeholders in any given corporate setup. Ours is no different and hence we have spared no efforts in deploying into our operations the Cast and Roll Technology, the cutting-edge copper tube manufacturing tool, from China.

Simply put, the Cast and Roll (C&R) routine consists of two main processes - Melting & Casting and subsequent Tube Rolling. Once cast, the outside surface of the shell is then machined to remove scales and the effects of oxidation. Moreover, no lubricants are used in the rolling process and the inert gas protection employed during hot working keeps the material safe at high temperatures. Consequently, the tube is bright both from the inside and the outside, which improves draw ability and further enhances the yield of the C&R process.

We employ top-notch equipment such as Planetary Rolling machines, Cascade Drawers, Spinner Block Drawers etc which are fully-automatic and hence diminish the chances of human error.

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